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Mr. President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi inaugurated the 6st. of Egyptian conference & Exhibition for Petroleum (EGYPS 2023) at Al Manara Mr. President Al-Sisi attended the activities of 4st. From Special needs celebration for 2022 at Al Manara Dr. Mostafa Madbouly inaugurated Sports Expo 2023 exhibition at EIEC AASTMT celebrated the graduation of new batches For more over 10 specialties at Al Manara ICC

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Egypt International Exhibition Center News

Minister of Commerce & Industry inaugurated Fi Africa & ProPak MENA at EIEC

Informa hosted international expertise provided projects for industry Food & technology packaging presented for first time in Egypt

More over 25 countries from major industrial groups participated in Fi Africa & ProPak MENA which organized by Informa Markets during from 28 to 30 May in halls 1&2 on space area of more than 17000 sqm at EIEC. opening activities were attended by Minister of Commerce & Industry, Eng Ahmed Samir. So his excellency made a tour to follow up exhibits & products as well as the most advanced & diverse equipment within content of show.

Cairo Expo launched 7st. of HVAC R Egypt 2023 at EIEC

expanded workshop inside Hall 1 with participation of highest expertise for industrial & investment

Cairo Expo launched works of 7st. HVAC R Egypt 2023 in Hall 1 at EIEC on space area 9680 sqm during from 17 to 19 May with participation of more over 250 Egyptian & international companies presented a summary of global technology has reached in industries Advanced Air Conditioners & Refrigeration Equipment which has very high purchasing demands, especially in Egyptian market and major industrial partner & competitor for investment and distribution agents. Add that organizer held extensive workshop inside hall 1 and conference showroom which included more than 20 lectures with presence of highest specialized expertise in refrigeration & air conditioning technology participated along with investment & industry experts from Egypt and abroad.

inaugurated of new st. edition for Watre x 2023 at EIEC

international team organized the biggest gathering of water technology manufacturers With participation of 200 exhibitors from Egypt and abroad at Hall 4

International team EXPO launched new st. edition of International Water Technology Exhibition Watre x 2023 with participation of more over 200 exhibitors on space area 9680 sqm in Hall 4 at EIEC during from 15 to 17 May amid remarkable & distinguished presence of major investors. businessmen & companies from Egypt and abroad for one of famous forums specialized in production, use & diversification of water resources and modern technologies in Africa and Middle East. International team participation also included excellent list of advanced industrial countries in manufacture & production of technologies and equipment related to water uses in various agricultural & industrial sectors as well as infrastructure treatment and desalination with a clear & tangible diversity within 3 days of show by presence of booths and exhibitors from Netherlands, Russia, Denmark ,China,USA,Italy add Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Hall 3 at EIEC hosted CDIS Egypt EXPO for Cyber Security & Information Intelligence Sys 2023

Event House held extended top Level conference in presence of elite experts in technical systems

Hall 3 at EIEC hosted the activities of biggest technical event in Egyptian and Arab market CDIS Egypt EXPO for Cyber Security and Information Intelligence Systems which organized by Event House during from 16 to 18 May on space area of 7000 sqm with participation More than 40 companies are the most advanced & specialized in fields of cyber and information security & integrated technical protection systems within 3 consecutive days amid great government and media interest. Event House also held expanded conference at highest & finest level for set up and equipment inside hall 3 and hosted elite of experts specialized in information security systems & cyber protection while attendees discussed the latest modern technical developments of advanced qualitative experiences in South Korea and Jordan also many models in Africa alongside Egyptian vision in addition to many axes related to artificial intelligence to determine early warning of crises.

Universal introduced one of the best version of Egy Beauty On hall 2 at EIEC

Türkiye. France. China & Korea registered their presence With five star list in beauty & cosmetics shows

Universal EXPO presented one of the best version of Egy Beauty 2023 with participation of more over 200 exhibitors from famous international brands in supplies. Cosmetics. perfumes & medical solutions for cosmetic treatments on space area of 9680 sqm on Hall 2 at EIEC during from 13 to 15 May within 3 consecutive days of show. external participants in the event witnessed a wide variety of developed countries in the field of cosmetic treatments & their accessories with excellent list that included more over 15 countries including Turkey. India. China. Korea. France and South Africa while so Universal opened many and sure fields within framework of vision to organize exhibition by new version to meet manufacturers, suppliers & distributors for introduce latest trends & products of cosmetic supplies and medical treatments from Egypt and abroad, in addition to introductory lectures & workshops to exchange experiences within activities of the event.

EIEC hosted Solar Show MENA 2023 for renewable energy solutions at hall 4

Terrapinn held extensive conference to showcase the latest technologies Production with contributions from Germany & India and China

Terrapinn EXPO held new edition of Solar Show MENA for Renewable Energy 2023 in Hall 4 on space area of 9680 sqm at EIEC from 9 to 10 May with participation of more over 100 exhibiting companies from famous names in industry & solutions of energy production compatible with global technology for vital field which receives widespread & great interest in most developed Egyptian market and focus on energy production projects from traditional and alternative sources as well as solar energy with clean standards compatible for environment. in addition that the activities of event witnessed important presence from companies that occupy leading positions in international energy production market with selected list most notably Germany,United Arab Emirates, China, India and South Africa while the rates of turnout for event increased significantly especially from investors and entrepreneurs during 2 days of show.

Arab German EXPO introduced the latest edition of Windorex 2023 at EIEC

participations from Arab & international of major investors including 11 Industrial countries showcased the best designs & products

EIEC hosted activities of Doors. Windows & Building Materials Exhibition of Windorex which was organized by Arab German EXPO during from 6 to 8 May 2023 on space area 16940 sqm at halls 1&2 with participation of more than 250 exhibiting companies specialized in industries & investments related to manufacturing Compiling and producing various designs of doors, windows, aluminum and glass as well as building supplies of various & excellent qualities from Egypt and abroad. In addition that Minister of Trade & Industry Eng Ahmed Samir visited the exhibition where he inspected companies booths & distinguished products they presented that reflect the latest international standards with clear & innovative diversity of exhibits. In new initiative Arab German EXPO presented a modern version of Egypt Projects exhibition within activities of event & gathered a group of specialists in construction industry at African continent on Hall 1 alongside contractors to choose their partners & find products and services to build future.

Al Manara International Conference Center News

Al Manara main Theater hosted the grand celebration To honor graduates of NIS Schools 2023

Excellent results qualified graduates to reserve The first classroom Seats in most prestigious universities & famous academies

main theater at Al Manara ICC hosted the grand annual closing ceremony held by Dr Nermin Ismail NIS Schools to honor graduates of new batch for academic year 2022-2023, in presence of many guests of administration teaching staff , families of new graduates & media. In addition,results came at excellent rates that exceeded all expectations & all previous years and the graduates of new batch were able to reserve first row seats in the most important colleges & university academies in various scientific disciplines with merit.

PPC held consultative meeting with institutions Civil society to discuss environmental impacts of development projects at Al Manara

Great understanding & clear visions for importance of projects and taking into account all internationally followed environmental standards

Al Manara ICC hosted expanded consultative meeting set up by Petroleum Pipeline Company PPC to discuss environmental impacts resulting from replacement & development operations for many of major projects during coming period with participation of representatives of civil society & specialized associations at Cairo Governorate. activities of event witnessed great understandings & clear visions about importance of upcoming development projects, taking into account all internationally followed environmental standards during implementation stages & providing highest level of safe services to public and customers.

ESLSCA university celebrated the graduation of new class for different disciplines at Al Manara main Theatre

Distinguished selective level of graduates As high standard for modern French scientific systems

ESLSCA university celebrated the graduation of new batch of graduates in basic scientific disciplines of Faculty for Business & Administration as well as computers digital technology and other disciplines in addition to masters & doctoral degrees for the academic year 2023 on the main stage of AL Manara International Conferences Center. At least of ceremony ESLSCA administration & teaching staff honored new graduates wishing them success & continuing at same distinguished level in their coming practical career.

Mr. President Al Sisi witnessed activities of cultural symposium 37 Celebrating Martyr & Veterans Day at Al Manara

The Supreme Commander honored families of martyrs in appreciation sacrifices for their efforts to defense of Egypt

Mr. President of ARE Supreme Commander of Armed Forces President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi witnessed the activities of 37st. for cultural symposium of Armed Forces on occasion of the celebration of Martyrs & Veterans Day which commemorates martyrdom of hero Lieutenant General Abdel Moneim Riyad Chief of Staff of Armed Forces on the battle front in 1969.that on the main stage at Al-Manara ICC. Mr President & audience also watched documentary film AL Qatra which embodied in all chapters the true dimension of efforts made to achieve security as main motive and component of comprehensive development process which Egypt is witnessing in all fields & sectors. in addition to documentary film Eternal Symbols and separators of representative scene the Triangle of Leadership which paintings Luminous and honorable it presents to Egyptians for introduce main true facts of heroes who gave their lives & blood for Egypt and loyal people.

Mr. President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi inaugurated the 6st. of Egyptian conference & Exhibition for Petroleum (EGYPS 2023) at Al Manara

More over 31 countries that participated in exhibition are among the most important strategists partners for Egypt of oil & gas production

Mr. President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi witnessed the opening activities of the 6st. of Egyptian Conference & Exhibition for petroleum industries (EGYPS 2023) which was organized by DMG International from 12 to 15 February on area exceeding 29000 sqm at halls 1&2 and 3 at EIEC beside the conference expanded international event for energy & gas industry at Al Manara ICC in presence of Prime Minister Dr Mustafa Madbouly and Minister of Petroleum & Mineral Resources Eng Tariq AlMulla & many of ministers and senior statesmen. In addition the 6st. session of (EGYPS 2023) witnessed participation on big & important scale by more over 31 countries & more than 400 exhibitors along with CEOs of internationally known brands in energy production in addition to many of government representatives in European Union & selected elites of businessmen And investors while the conference accompanying event focused on axes commenting on sure & expected opportunities to increase exploration & develop production mechanisms for oil & gas especially in eastern Mediterranean region which is of utmost & great importance to Egypt and partners at regional & international levels.
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