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(Conzept) presents 7st. edition of (Food Africa) With participation from 29 countries of the largest global food manufacturers elite gold & jewelry makers display the most luxurious jewels In (NEBU - 2022) at EIEC Under patronage of Mr President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi: Dr Mostafa Madbouly opened The 54st. session of Book Fair at EIEC (Mac Tech& Handling& Airtech and Earth Moving 2022) Provide a summary of global offers for equipment and heavy industries

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Egypt International Exhibition Center News

More over 222.000 visitors attended 6st. show For Book Fair at EIEC yesterday

Media interested on breaking barrier of 1 million visitors by a big margin In 6st. day & the 7st. show started at 10 oclock am and ended at 8 pm today

On the day of 6st. show yesterday Tuesday 31 January 54th session of Cairo International Book Fair at EIEC recorded a new progress in visitation rates & concluded the show with more over 222.000 visitors after breaking the barrier of 1 million visitors with a significant difference during the first 6 days of events visiting bringing total visit since start of exhibition until yesterday only to 1,329,822 visitors while that Egyptian & Arab media satellite channels & news agencies continued to shed light on exhibition with remarkable international interest in direct live & daily news. In addition the 7st. show began activities today Wednesday 1 February and the gates of EIEC received visitors of exhibition at 10 oclock am with the continuation of scheduled programs & activities with greater focus on new publications inside the 4 main halls also that at Hall 5 of Child Book fair with intense public presence of Different groups & ages to enjoy with artistic paragraphs and breaks at open theaters while indicated that the show times will ended today at 8 pm.

Under patronage of Mr President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi: Dr Mostafa Madbouly opened The 54st. session of Book Fair at EIEC

12 days of continuous presentation of culture thought & arts Creativity awaits visitors with 500 diverse activities

Under patronage of Mr President of ARE President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi. Prime Minister Dr Mostafa Madbouly inaugurated the activities of 54st. session of Cairo International Book Fair at EIEC which organized by Ministry of Culture & GEBO during the period from 25 January to 6 February 2023 in presence of Minister of Culture Dr Nevin Al-Kilani and minister of culture in Jordon Hifaa AL Nagar & Chairman of Board of GEBO Dr. Ahmed Bahey El-Din and many senior statesmen & dignitaries. event presents this year 1047 publishing houses under slogan Egypt Together We Read Think & Create with participation of about 53 countries while Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan will be the guest of honor for this edition and The Egyptian writer poet & screenwriter Salah Jahin was chosen as the Person of Year.also that GEBO choose Kamel Kilani the Personality of Year at Children Book fair at Hall 5.

elite gold & jewelry makers display the most luxurious jewels In (NEBU - 2022) at EIEC

More than 75 exhibitors presented the latest global vision For jewelry with participations from Turkey, India & Italy

Under patronage of Mr. President of ARE President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi,Minister of Supply and Internal Trade Dr. Ali Al-Moselhi & Minister of Trade and Industry Eng.Ahmed Samir inaugurated the activities of the 2st. session of (NEBU II) for gold & jewelry exhibition which was organized by ministry in cooperation with Federation of Chambers Commerce & the leading Middle East Roaa company in Hall (4) at EIEC during period from 10 to 12 December on area of 9680 sm.,the event witnessed unprecedented turnout from major jewelry merchants & manufacturers in Egypt and many countries were keen to be present at exhibition which received a difference in turnout along with remarkable return of interest from all media throughout within 3 days of show, while more than 75 exhibitors representing the elite leadership & quality in industry interduce Gold & jewelry are their first products with dazzling designs that offered for first time & exhibits that compete with innovative and unique global handicrafts of major homes & wealthy institutions from international brands.

Mr. President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi inaugurated the 1st. International Conference and Exhibition for Industry

new roadmap to advance and develop production vessels & open smart vision with Egypt industrial partners

Under patronage and presence of Mr. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi works of 1st. international conference and exhibition for industry, organized by Federation of Egyptian Industries during from 29 to 31 October, were held at Al-Manara international conference Center (ICC) and Egypt International Exhibition Center (EIEC) for 3 consecutive days, in presence of Mr. Prime Minister Dr.Mostafa Madbouly and senior statesmen..Mr.President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi watched a documentary film about history and importance of industry rule to build economic with many experiences within national initiative (Ibdaa) to develop industry in Egypt .. also that he confirmed to getting procedures more fast for industrial investors.In addition Mr. President inspection tour of 1st. international exhibition of industry at EIEC, which was held on area of more than 29,000 sm. with sharing of nearly 210 companies from elite investors in Egypt with effective presence of businessmen from Egypt and abroad.

Organized by (Informa Egypt) on (4) halls for first time: (Cityscape 2022) presents edition (11) the largest of kind at EIEC

great projects and offers exceeded all expectations with 4 participations from active real estate markets

Informa Egypt organized the largest real estate exhibition at all in Egypt and Middle East (Cityscape – 2022) from 21 to 24 September in halls (1, 2, 3 & 4) at EIEC on exhibition area of 36,300 sm. for first time. The list of participation in (11) edition of the most prominent real estate event included more than 72 exhibiting companies and real estate developers representing the elite and selected of real estate makers in Egypt and Arab market with great projects & offers that exceeded all expectations with 4 participations from very active real estate markets, most notably Saudi Arabia, Emirates and Greece. Cityscape 2022 recorded 10 % increase of exhibitors compared to 30 % increase for companies joining the event for first time with best strong performance throughout 4 days of the event.

Al Manara International Conference Center News

(washwasha) honored the best of art. Drama. and media For 2022 in dazzling celebration at AL Manara

biggest volume of art production at annual meeting The best and most popular in Egypt & Arab world

In the biggest celebration that bears all headlines and scenes of dazzling washwasha the most popular in Egypt & Arab world held distinguished annual ceremony in all respects to crown the winners of the first prizes in arts, drama, theater, media and sports in presence of stars and celebrities of Egypt and Arabs who gathered at Al-Manara International Conferences Center (ICC). in the yard of Grand Theater winners of leading seats and prizes in art, drama, media and journalism were honored along with stars and celebrities of social media amid great competition that came from reality of excellent volume works & diverse huge artistic production which was one of the most prominent features of 2022 in various artistic & fields of media by big difference Compared to previous years .while that Al-Manara (ICC) yard and luxurious theater seemed to be at impressive & superior level of organization and set up for the most popular annual event in Egypt and abroad.

Mr. President Al-Sisi attended the activities of 4st. From Special needs celebration for 2022 at Al Manara

1 billion LE to support them Will adopts their ambitions & opens great horizons to consolidate their integration into society

Mr. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi witnessed the activities of 4st. edition of the Capable in Different for Special needs celebration 2022 with exhibition accompanying for sons & daughters of Egypt determination in presence of Mr. Speaker of National Assembly Counselor Hanafi El-Gabali and Mr. Prime Minister Dr. Mustafa Madbouly with many senior statesmen & prominent personalities on main stage at Al Manara International conferences Center (ICC). Mr. President made an inspection tour to follow the booths which participating in exhibition was held specifically within festive program.the event introduce many exhibits & products and innovations made by Egyptian youth with special needs. Its clearance appear and tangible support from state and civil society while that Mr. President ALSisi was keen to take memorial photos and shake hands with all participants in Celebration as usual paternal gesture.

on main stage at (AL-Manara) : Mr. president AL-Sisi attended inauguration of 36th cultural symposium on occasion of 49th anniversary for October war

Mr. president honored the fighters of 139 commandoes group for great rule at war of 1973

Mr. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of ARE Supreme Commander of Armed Forces, witnessed inauguration activities of cultural symposium No.(36) titled (October is will of homeland country) on occasion of celebration the 49th anniversary of Glorious October Victory, on main stage at Al-Manara for International Conferences Center (ICC),in the presence of Prime Minister Dr. Mustafa Madbouly and Lieutenant-General Muhammad Zaki, Minister of Defense and Military Production, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Osama Askar Chief of Staff of Armed Forces War, and senior statesmen & leaders. October for the fighting group 139 commandoes who were able to repel the hostile forces and prevent them from interfering during the crossing, and his honor also wives and families of the fighting group, expressing his sincere congratulations to Egyptian people and armed forces on this occasion.

(Al-Manara) hosted (Stars of Egypt) at 1st. Cairo Drama Festival

talents of art were able to prove themselves on the screen and won admiration of audience

Al-Manara for International Conferences Center (ICC) hosted the activities of 1st. of Cairo Drama Festival, headed by the great artist Dr.Yahia ALfakharani And great director Enam Mohamed Ali the head of arbitration committee.,with presence of constellation big stars of art who presented the best dramas during Ramadan 2022., addition to many of directors, photographers, senior journalists & media professionals on facade of AL Manara dazzling and in the luxurious courtyard of main theater… many senior artists were honored in appreciation of their history, contributions & influence in Egyptian drama process, including star Salah Al-Saadani, director Gamal Abdel Hamid and the writer Mamdouh Al-Leithi, while the jury identified names of winners from the stars to meet their creativity during dramas that were broadcast throughout season at Ramadan. which gained a wide audience in Egypt and the Arab world.

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