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Mr. President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi inaugurated the 6st. of Egyptian conference & Exhibition for Petroleum (EGYPS 2023) at Al Manara Mr. President Al-Sisi attended the activities of 4st. From Special needs celebration for 2022 at Al Manara Dr. Mostafa Madbouly inaugurated Sports Expo 2023 exhibition at EIEC AASTMT celebrated the graduation of new batches For more over 10 specialties at Al Manara ICC

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Egypt International Exhibition Center News

AAPIC Introduce top quality version on Le Marche March 2023 at EIEC

atmosphere bearing titles & attributes of elegance and best vision for furniture & decoration at halls 2 & 3 and 4

In atmosphere bearing all titles and attributes of elegance & good vision. The Arab African Commercial Group for Advertising AAPIC held activities of March 2023 edition for Le Marche Furniture & Decoration on area of more over 29000 sqm on halls 2 & 3 and 4 at EIEC during period from 2 to 5 March at Over course of 4 connected days to selected list of more than 150 exhibitors of the most prominent and luxury brands in offering furniture decorations & home equipment full over kinds at all according to latest international models & designs with concepts that match European and American visions. in addition that with midst of usual & remarkable interaction by Le Marché the most famous brand of quality in furniture & decoration shows the first edition of the current year has received many and continuous visitors since launched of the event on first days of the show with clear turnout from pioneers of special exhibits to enjoy unique colors & designs offered by exhibitors for first time. Its type & investment of opportunities and unprecedented discounts with multiple payment systems & facilities on most of classic and modern exhibits, as well as luxury items for decoration & lighting sys. with exceptional new and innovative specifications really distinguished in their entirety by excellence & creativity.

Cafex 2023 introduced the best cafe equipment & offers And restaurants for five star categories at EIEC

On area of 9680 sqm at Hall 1 included 90 exhibitors & participants from Italy and Belgium

EIEC hosted 9st. edition of the most famous exhibition Cafex & Hotelier which specializes in field of equipment & offers for cafes and restaurants with international brands for categories & characteristics of five stars at level for raw materials & technologies as well as equipment requirements which are of wide interest from different groups & ages in Egyptian and Arab markets to learn about the latest new in international standards which was organized by Events Middle East during period from 2 to 4 March on area 9680 sqm in Hall 1 at EIEC with a list of 90 exhibitors add also external sharing from Italy & Belgium. The show program at Cafex 2023 included one of strongest and best barista competitions where contestants competed in preparing internationally for preparing hot drinks & presenting them to jury in a specific by record time With distinguished and selected offers.

Dr. Mostafa Madbouly inaugurated Sports Expo 2023 exhibition at EIEC

Delta Conex introduced the 1st. specialized offering on area of more over 19360 sqm with participation of Saudi Arabia & UAE

Under patronage of Mr. President of ARE President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi. Prime Minister Dr Mostafa Madbouly inaugurated the activities of exhibition & conference Sports Expo 2023 the first of kind in sports sectors, which organized by Delta Conex during period from 22 to 25 February at EIEC in halls 3&4 on area of 19360 sqm with participation of more over 120 exhibitors as well as foreign sharing from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates. Dr. Mostafa Madbouly accompanied by Minister of Youth & Sports Dr. Ashraf Sobhi and many of businessmen. investors & senior officials inspected exhibition booths whose participating in the event & sports tools and means they provided in various games at levels that keep pace with latest global offers at field while attendees followed some of maquette New sports facilities & projects to be developed and established during coming future. It is noteworthy that the event included expanded conference at Al Manara ICC with opening activities to discuss development of sports sectors and main ways to increasing the volume of related investments.

Insomnia 2023 introduced the biggest video game festival on Hall 4 at EIEC

World championships for singles & teams with sharing From 6 countries the best of technical leadership in this industry

Insomnia Egypt 2023 was held on Hall No 4 at EIEC which was organized by BMI Global for Conferences & Exhibitions so included the biggest event for the most advanced gaming festival with global technical presentations of video games, on area of 9680 sqm, amid a remarkable visitors turnout. At the level of individuals & teams during from 16 to 18 February over 3 consecutive days of the show with participation of more than 60 exhibitors & 6 leading countries in this field the most important and the best as United States, England, Taiwan, France and China. In addition, BMI Global has made a comprehensive update on activities of the event for current year through tournaments in various games that receive great interest from young and emerging buds at individual & team levels, which provided the participants with great opportunities to win through valuable prizes presented by organizer to the winners amid A competitive atmosphere that surpassed all previous editions of Insomnia at fourth consecutive year.

NCIEC issued The 2st. of NCIEC NEWS Magazine (February 2023)

new edition included extensive coverage & photo albums For 54th Book Fair at EIEC

National Company for International Exhibitions and Conferences has issued the 2st. issue of NCIEC NEWS magazine for February 2023 which includes a comprehensive coverage of activities for 54th session of Cairo International Book Fair which was held at EIEC during the period from 26 January to 6 February over period of 12 days for the show along with News of AL Manara ICC & EIEC with photo albums full over all events under direction of GM instructions while the new issue was published on our official website To follow the new issue of NCIEC NEWS Magazine February 2023 by direct link to view:

Organized by (Informa Egypt) on (4) halls for first time: (Cityscape 2022) presents edition (11) the largest of kind at EIEC

great projects and offers exceeded all expectations with 4 participations from active real estate markets

Informa Egypt organized the largest real estate exhibition at all in Egypt and Middle East (Cityscape – 2022) from 21 to 24 September in halls (1, 2, 3 & 4) at EIEC on exhibition area of 36,300 sm. for first time. The list of participation in (11) edition of the most prominent real estate event included more than 72 exhibiting companies and real estate developers representing the elite and selected of real estate makers in Egypt and Arab market with great projects & offers that exceeded all expectations with 4 participations from very active real estate markets, most notably Saudi Arabia, Emirates and Greece. Cityscape 2022 recorded 10 % increase of exhibitors compared to 30 % increase for companies joining the event for first time with best strong performance throughout 4 days of the event.

Al Manara International Conference Center News

Mr President AL Sisi and Mrs AL Sisi witnessed a day of honor For Egyptian women & great mothers 2023 at Al Manara

Best Medal for great women of Egypt on the first ranks in recognition for their pioneering role

Under patronage and presence of Mr. President of ARE President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi and Mrs AL Sisi . the Egyptian Womens Day and great Mothers for 2023 were celebrated in main theater of AL Manara ICC which held by National Council for Women amidst a remarkable presence of mothers who played pioneering roles in serving and supported the country & their families at human levels and they deservedly received the praise and honor of Egyptian state & society. ceremony was witnessed by Prime Minister Dr Mostafa Madbouly and many ministers with senior statesmen & important personalities also the chief head of National Council for Women Dr. Maya Morsi. while that Mr President honored the exemplary mothers who obtained first ranks from various Egyptian governorates this year & granted them the Medal of Excellence and certificates of appreciation for her Exceptional efforts at all.

Mr. President Al Sisi witnessed activities of cultural symposium 37 Celebrating Martyr & Veterans Day at Al Manara

The Supreme Commander honored families of martyrs in appreciation sacrifices for their efforts to defense of Egypt

Mr. President of ARE Supreme Commander of Armed Forces President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi witnessed the activities of 37st. for cultural symposium of Armed Forces on occasion of the celebration of Martyrs & Veterans Day which commemorates martyrdom of hero Lieutenant General Abdel Moneim Riyad Chief of Staff of Armed Forces on the battle front in 1969.that on the main stage at Al-Manara ICC. Mr President & audience also watched documentary film AL Qatra which embodied in all chapters the true dimension of efforts made to achieve security as main motive and component of comprehensive development process which Egypt is witnessing in all fields & sectors. in addition to documentary film Eternal Symbols and separators of representative scene the Triangle of Leadership which paintings Luminous and honorable it presents to Egyptians for introduce main true facts of heroes who gave their lives & blood for Egypt and loyal people.

AASTMT celebrated the graduation of new batches For more over 10 specialties at Al Manara ICC

Launched the golden jubilee logo on occasion of the 50st. anniversary It was established in 1972 to confirm pioneering scientific mission

A graduation ceremony for new batches of AASTMT for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport was held on main stage of Al-Manara ICC for holders of bachelors degrees in the fields of engineering, technology, computers, information and management, in addition to the academys graduates in fields of international transport, logistics, language and media, Heliopolis branch for fall 2022 academic year. In addition the batches included graduates in the fields of international transport, logistics, management and technology at Dokki branch, as well as graduates of management, technology, language, media, law, engineering, computers and information at Smart Village branch It has reached high levels of quality and excellence with more over 15 faculties in various branches & scientific disciplines within university campus at the level of branches in Egypt and abroad.

Mr. President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi inaugurated the 6st. of Egyptian conference & Exhibition for Petroleum (EGYPS 2023) at Al Manara

More over 31 countries that participated in exhibition are among the most important strategists partners for Egypt of oil & gas production

Mr. President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi witnessed the opening activities of the 6st. of Egyptian Conference & Exhibition for petroleum industries (EGYPS 2023) which was organized by DMG International from 12 to 15 February on area exceeding 29000 sqm at halls 1&2 and 3 at EIEC beside the conference expanded international event for energy & gas industry at Al Manara ICC in presence of Prime Minister Dr Mustafa Madbouly and Minister of Petroleum & Mineral Resources Eng Tariq AlMulla & many of ministers and senior statesmen. In addition the 6st. session of (EGYPS 2023) witnessed participation on big & important scale by more over 31 countries & more than 400 exhibitors along with CEOs of internationally known brands in energy production in addition to many of government representatives in European Union & selected elites of businessmen And investors while the conference accompanying event focused on axes commenting on sure & expected opportunities to increase exploration & develop production mechanisms for oil & gas especially in eastern Mediterranean region which is of utmost & great importance to Egypt and partners at regional & international levels.

Mr. President Al-Sisi attended the activities of 4st. From Special needs celebration for 2022 at Al Manara

1 billion LE to support them Will adopts their ambitions & opens great horizons to consolidate their integration into society

Mr. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi witnessed the activities of 4st. edition of the Capable in Different for Special needs celebration 2022 with exhibition accompanying for sons & daughters of Egypt determination in presence of Mr. Speaker of National Assembly Counselor Hanafi El-Gabali and Mr. Prime Minister Dr. Mustafa Madbouly with many senior statesmen & prominent personalities on main stage at Al Manara International conferences Center (ICC). Mr. President made an inspection tour to follow the booths which participating in exhibition was held specifically within festive program.the event introduce many exhibits & products and innovations made by Egyptian youth with special needs. Its clearance appear and tangible support from state and civil society while that Mr. President ALSisi was keen to take memorial photos and shake hands with all participants in Celebration as usual paternal gesture.

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