Al Manara International Conferences Center

Starting from the one of a kind technology, up to a dynamic operation team supporting every organizer and client, Al Manara International Conferences Center was built with the dream and the aspiration of becoming the place to go to when Organizers want their events to come out in the best possible way! 

A new hub for Egyptian talents and culture enthusiasts, Al Manara aims to host – not only business meetings and conferences- but also we are looking forward to welcome a huge number of visitors with different interests and preferences every year. 

 With extensive hard work, passion and attention to the finest details this outstanding venue was built on more than 30,000 square meters of multi-purpose space divided into 13 unique and world class halls.  

We have designed our venue to guarantee the success of any type of event, whatever the event’s type; a business meeting, a huge concert, a seminar or a fancy dinner… we have the suitable hall for it.  


Click Hall’s images from down below to read more details about the available technology, the capacity, the accessibility and the previous events held in each hall at our Conferences Center!